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Deer Hunting Videos – Taking It To The Ground

 It seems to me that the majority of the deer hunting videos that I come across are shot with hunters shooting from a tree stand.  This is a very popular way to hunt deer and honestly gives hunters the best vantage point over their hunting area, and also the upper hand in the hunt.  Now I will admit that once I discovered tree stand hunting I was hooked having the ability to set up my zone and bring the big boys tome was pretty awesome, and honestly the easiest way to go about hunting.  With that being said where tree stand hunting is probably the easiest way to hunt, tracking and stalking your prey is probably the most challenging and at the end of the day the fun nest way of going about filling my tag. 

It is always concerning to me when I see a young hunter in the local outdoor shops buying tree stands.  It seems to me that more and more youngsters are being taught how to hunt by sitting in a tree.  I believe that learning how to properly hunt from a stand is important to learn and should be taught, but it seems to me that stands are becoming to mainstream for my taste.  When I first hit the trail with my grandfather, father, uncle, and cousins we literally hit the trail, by the time we ended the day back at our camp it felt like we had covered enough ground that we were going to end up in the next state.  The excitement of waking up in the morning to see a light dusting of snow on the ground, and learning the art of tracking deer are some of the greatest memories I have looking back on my youth.  I can remember walking so slowly avoiding every little twig on the ground to keep from making even the smallest of sounds, and the feeling of disappointment when you finally spot the deer that belongs to the tracks you had been following and discovering that in fact it was a big buck, and then realizing all the sneaking was well worth it only to lose focus for a moment and cause the deer to going running off after you had made amiss step.  Learning to deal with those emotions and control your adrenaline long enough to place a perfect shot is part of the process, and running off a monster buck sucks, but in the end it is part of the game and what makes hunting truly hunting. 

Having made many deer hunting videos over the years like hunting getting good footage of deer is always easier from a tree stand, but even though it is harder to get close to deer when you are on the same eye level as they are it has always been more rewarding to sneak up on them.  When I am out on the trail either with a weapon, or a camera there are three different ways that I hunt from the ground. 

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The first technique I use is a ground blind.  Now a ground blind is similar to a tree stand in the fact that you are stationary and rely upon the deer coming to you.  You can purchase ground blinds or make your own, and can even use natural blinds such as fallen trees or natural brushy areas that allow you to see out into a nice clearing.  Idol enjoy using blinds, but I always choose to use natural blinds my favorite being a nice fallen tree that I can hunker down behind.  It not only gives me a nice hiding spot but also a pretty handy gun rest or make shift tripod. 

I also use a technique that is referred to as still hunting.  Still hunting is where you sit still and allow the deer to approach you. What makes still hunting different from blind hunting is you do not hide behind anything.  I prefer to find sit on a stump or lean against a tree.  The trick to still hunting is to find a spot that allows the lines of your body to be broken up or absorbed into the background.  It is never a good idea to sit out in the open with nothing to blend into. Deer have excellent vision, and are able to spot anything that looks unnatural, and unfortunately someone sitting out in the open in the middle of nowhere is not natural, and will usually lead to the deer hot footing it out of the area rather swiftly.  So make sure you are able to keep yourself hidden in plain site by breaking up your profile.

So whether you are using a rifle, bow, or are out shooting some awesome deer hunting videos with your favorite camera do yourself and your young hunters a favor and hit the ground for your next hunt.  I am sure you will find it refreshing to reconnect with your past and spark the inner hunter in you.  It will also turn the youngsters into better hunters, and after a few days of hitting the trail they will be hooked and those tree stands will start collecting dust in the garage.

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